May 6th 2017 Capella Meeting

The meeting will be ONE WEEK EARLY this month!
Basically we will do last month this month! 🙂
This month we will be working on flags for our Cedar City Faire! We will also work on lanterns! I have the metal bending tool and cutting boards!!! Yay!
We are going to work on flags for the Ren Faire as our group project!
We will have an arts tourney if people are interested.
Archery practice and tournament if weather permitting (weather has not been good but we will see!). We are also have weekly Archery Practice/Tournament on Sundays at 1:00 to 3:00 (weather permitting). On meeting days this will be held at the normal meeting time (3:00).
Menu: Breakfast/Dinner!
Kim Q: Eggs
Asay family: Drinks
Fred and Bonnie: Bacon
Lisa: ?
Alyssa: Fruit
Rebecca: Syrup and condiments
Kade: French Toast
Corry: Sausage

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