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Archery Meeting


We are starting weekly Archery meetings at the Capella manor (weather permitting).  These meetings will be held every Sunday at 1:00 to 3:00pm. On weekends with our Monthly Capella meetings we will hold the practice at our general meeting. We may add additional days as we move into summer.

In Service

Lord Sir Fredric

February 14th meeting at 3:00pm

Archery practice and tournament if weather permitting. We are also starting a weekly Archery Practice/Tournament on Sundays at 1:00 to 3:00. On meeting days this will be held at the normal meeting time (3:00).

Arts Tourney at the February meeting! Sign-ups will begin at 3:00. Bring your arts projects for judging. Each person can enter 3 items per Tourney

Kim Q.: Spaghetti + sausages
Roy: Caesar Salad
Betty: Cold side dish
Asay family: Beverages
Corey: BBQ smokies
Alissa: Garlic Bread
Kim G: Chocolate Dessert
Shannon: Chocolate fountain
Bonnie/Fred: Olives and summer sausage, dessert
Lisa/Ken: antipasta

Largesse Competition (Ren Faire 2015)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Announcing a Most Excellent Competition for artisans of all ages:

The Half Dozen Derby and Largesse Competition to be held at the Annual Midsummer Pleasure Fair in Cedar City, Utah of July 8th-11, 2015 .

Largesse is defined as the generous bestowal of gifts. Artisans who participate in this competition donate a selection handmade items to the leaders of their Territory or the Empire. Leaders will in turn present these items to club members, prospective members, or visitors as tokens of appreciation or welcome throughout the year. The goals of the largesse competition are 1) to encourage artisans to make and donate a variety of items that will welcome newcomers or honor members during the year 2) to honor our creative community with a friendly competition to display and reward their talents 3) to encourage service and participation within the populace by giving largesse items at court to recognize meritorious behavior.


This is an Empire-wide competition. Any paid member of the Empire of Chivalry and Steel may participate in the competition and its judging. Artisans should designate who their largesse items be given to after the derby by indicating a Territorial Ruler or King/Queen on their entry form. Youth members (under 13) are encouraged to participate, but there is not a separate category for youth entries. It is the artisans’ duty to get their labeled entries to the competition and designate where it should be donated after the event. The Half Dozen Derby coordinator, Lady Dame Kathryn Perryn, will assume responsibility for getting items to the designated territorial leaders, as well as shipping prizes to participants who do not personally attend the event.

Competition Rules:

1). An entry is a group of 6 handmade items of use to re-enactors. They may be period, period-esque, or just useful. The items may be 6 of the same thing (i.e. 6 embroidered cup covers) or 6 different things (i.e. 6 leather items, each different). Over-the-Top entries are single items that demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship and are suitable for presentation to a new knight or peer. No perishable items (food) will be accepted in the competition.

2). Artisans can enter more than one item or group of items. Two people can collaborate on a joint entry but must split the prize, if their entry wins an award.

3). Each item of an entry must have a small tag that identifies the item, the creator, and the territory/leader who will receive it (i.e. feast gear roll by Dame Kathryn Perryn for the Marquis of Capella) so that the organizer knows who to deliver the largesse items to after the derby. Additionally, the future recipients will know who created the items. An ingredients list needs to accompany brewed goods, topical ointments, or scented entries for the purpose alerting those with allergies.

4). Over the Top Entries: a special category of judging will be for Over the Top entries. This is for single items that are more time and labor intensive and are worthy to be given as presentation items to persons receiving knighthood or being crowned. They will be voted on separately with each member allowed to cast one vote.

4). All entries will be displayed on tables in the arts tents at the Cedar City Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Entries are accepted on site from the start of the fair and up until 10:00 AM, Saturday. Entries from artisans who cannot attend may be mailed at the individual artisan’s expense between June 1st and July 1st to Lady Dame Kathryn Perryn at the address provided in this document. Artisans may also send entries with an ECS member who is attending the event.

5). Voting: Members of the populace will each receive 3 tokens to vote for their favorite group entries plus 1 voting token for the Over-the-Top entries. Tokens can be given any way the voter sees fit. There will be a prize for the entry in each category that receives the most votes. The Marquis and Marquesa of Capella and any visiting royals and Knight Artisans will receive the same number of tokens in a contrasting color to vote for their favorite entries. A Royal award will be presented to the item with the most Royal tokens.

6). Awards: Awards and prizes will be presented by Lady Dame Kathryn Perryn at the closing court on Saturday afternoon. The prize categories are: Popular Award, Royal Award, and Over the Top awards.

Donating prizes:

Any artisan or member of the populace may donate an item as a prize. This may include store gift cards, handmade items or purchased items, or a promissory note for a custom item from a kingdom artisan. Prizes will be awarded for Most Popular, Royal Choice Award, and Over the Top categories.

Entries from Non-Attending Members:

Lady Dame Kathryn Perryn will accept mail-in entries from June 1st – July 1st, 2015. It is the artisan’s responsibility to pay for shipping/insurance and provide contact information inside the package so that Dame Kathryn can acknowledge receiving the entry. Mailed entries are submitted at the artisans’ risk/discretion. Dame Kathryn will arrange for territorial leaders to receive items donated to them after the competition and will pay for shipping as needed. Mail–in entries should be shipped to:

Kim Gilman

3762 Bombastic Court

Las Vegas, NV 89147

Please do not ship heat sensitive or perishable items!

Good luck and thank you in advance for donating your talents to enrich the Empire of Chivalry and Steel!