Monthly Archives: September 2016

October/Halloween 2016 Capella Meeting

Saturday, October 8th at 3:00pm

Location: Capella Manor

This month we will be working doing our Halloween bash! We will have an arts tourney (for the candles and masks from September! I will bring the candle making supplies as well as my melting pot for more candle fun!

Our Archers will be facing a zombie hord this month!

Archery practice and tournament if weather permitting (weather has not been good but we will see!). We are also have weekly Archery Practice/Tournament on Sundays at 1:00 to 3:00 (weather permitting). On meeting days this will be held at the normal meeting time (3:00).

Kim Q: “Eyeballs” (Meatballs), “Brains” (Shrimp pate), “Bleading Heart”
Roy: “Bat wings” (BBQ and Hot wings)
Bridget: “Octopus”
Asay family: “Potions”
Fred and Bonnie: “Monster twists” and mixed herbology samples
Carrie-Jo and Denny: “Intestines” and worms and dirt
Lisa: Root Beer

Butterbeer will also be provided!