Empire of Chivalry and Steel

The Empire of Chivalry and Steel (ECS) is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting the general re-creation, celebration and education of the culture of the Middle Ages from 800 AD to 1650 AD; specifically relating to any cultures that had contact with Europe.

The purpose of our group is to study and teach the general public about the ideals and history of the middle-ages, and to provide an organized effort in the collection, interpretation and distribution of historical data through publication and demonstration.

We hold events such as Tournaments, Feasts, Ceremonies and Wars that allow members to compete in Combat (Melee and Archery), Arts (Sewing, Weaving, Knitting, etc…), and Ministry to the group through organizing the events and related activities. We also hold demonstrations of Medieval Culture for the general public including Schools (K-12), Universities and other organizations / businesses. The Empire of Chivalry and Steel also strives to promote the ideals of Honour and Chivalry in all of our activities.

Branches of the ECS may be started with as few as 5 Members in an area. The Sovereign Territories are governed by a Parliamentary Government with a King and/or Queen (Prince/Princess for Principalities) as its leaders. For more information about our organization, please explore our site and feel free to contact a representative listed on the contact pages for the Kingdom you are nearest to. Should you wish to form a chapter in your area, please refer to the “Start Your Own Chapter” section of our main site.